Uganda Technology and Management University specializes in two broad fields of Technology and management. The school constitutes the management arm of the university programmes as opposed to the technology arm. The School of Business and Management specializes in the broad fields of management, administration and business. Today, more than ever, we are faced with a constant stream of changes, ideas, problems and challenges which all impact on the way government, the private sector, the NGO as well individuals go about tasks assigned to them. Producing well-grounded graduates with appropriate, knowledge, skills, competencies and the right behavioral attitude is a challenge for all universities.

The academic staffs that run the various programs have extensive theoretical and practical experiences in their respective areas of specializations. Students who have attended our programs would testify to our unique approaches in all our programs. Combining management and technology in all our programs, the school will significantly create an impact in our society. The School is continually evolving to meet the growing needs of students by creating new programs. We get partners with similar minds and focus like ours across the world.