UTAMU employs different types of staff who collectively, support the research, teaching and public service missions of the university. They work hard to maintain the reputation of UTAMU as one of the top Universities within Africa. The staff efforts determine the University's future and enrich the communities in which they live and work.

Below are members of the Academic Staff under the School of Computing & Engineering;
School of Computing and Engineering
Name Qualifications Teaching and Research Interest Areas Resume
Prof. Jude T. Lubega BSc, MSc, PhD Information Technology, Information Systems, Software Engineering, ICT for Development, Mobile Computing, Data mining and Knowledge Discovery CV
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rehema Baguma BLIS, PGDCS, MCSE, MSc, PhD Information Systems, Human Computer Interaction, Web/Mobile Usability, ICT for Development CV
Dr. Johnson Mwebaze BSc, PGDCS, CCNP, MCP, MSc, PhD Computer Science, Programming, Networks & Data Communication, Mobile Computing, Mobile Applications, Software Engineering CV
Assoc. Prof. Dr. John Ngubiri BSc, PGDCS, MSc, PhD Computer Science, Computer Security, Programming, Databases, Software Engineering CV
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Florence Tushabe BSc, MSc, PhD Computer Science, Discrete Mathematics, Image Processing, Programming, Software Engineering CV
Dr. Drake P Mirembe BSc, MSc ICT for development, Health informatics, Mobile and wireless technologies, Digital security, forensics and privacy, Secure ICT integration, Integrating web applications with data repositories, Convergence platforms. CV
Dr. Ernest Mwebaze BSc, Elec, MSc Computer science, software engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, ICT for development CV
Mary Komunte BA, PGDCS, MIT Information technology, Information Systems, Web Security, and ICT for Development CV
Bbosa Ibrahim Msc(Cs), Bsc(education) Numerical analysis, Applied Mathematics, Computational mathematics CV
Beatrice Kyasiimire MA, MSc, BA   CV
Mwanje David Kiwanuka MA, MSc, BA   CV
Lwomwa Joseph MSc Quality Security Algorithms, performing Security audits, quality report documentation, systems analysis, design, software development, systems documentation and User training CV
Alinaitwe Stephen     CV
Paul Mukasa Ssemaluulu MSc, PhD   CV
Okila Nixson MScCS,PGDE IDEs (Integrated Development Environments), Technologies and Frameworks CV
Vincent Lwagula Mangeni MBA-IB, BSc. Telecommunications Engineering   CV
Brave Africano Master of Science in Data Communications and Software Engineering   CV
Adeke Virginia MSc, B.Eng Power Electronic Design, Solid state Devices, VLSI design, Mobile Communications, RF Microelectronics and Digital Signal Processing CV
Issah Kiganda MBA, BSc   CV
Adjunct Professors
Prof. Zubeir Izaruku BSc, MSc, PhD Wireless Communication Networks, Sensor Technology, Satellite Communications, Microwave component Design, Antenna Design & High speed LANs, Network Protocol Development & Modeling. CV
Prof. Victor W. Mbarika BSc, MSc, PhD ICT for development, Information systems, Business CV
Prof. Joseph M. Kizza BSc, MSc, MA, PhD Computer Science, Computer Security, Information Security, Information Technology, ICT for Development CV
Adjunct Senior Lecturers
Dr. Washington Okori BSc, PGDCS, MSc,PhD Computer Science, Machine Learning, Databases, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, ICT for Sustainable Development, Information Systems, Information Security and Disaster Management. CV
Dr. Peter Patrick Waiswa Wakabi BStat,PDGCS,PDG-ICT,MSc,PhD Computer Science, Software Engineering, Databases Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Strategic Planning, e-Governance, Mobile Computing, Web-based Systems and Futures Thinking. CV
Dr. Denis Mutiibwa BSAE, MSc, PhD

Climate Extremes, Impacts of climate change on ecosystems, Detection of Anthropogenic Signals on Climate Change, Remote Sensing-based partitioning surface energy Fluxes