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Ugandan Technology and Management University (UTAMU) is a private university that was established by the National Council for Higher Education in March 2013, in accordance with the laws of Uganda. UTAMU is accredited to run academic programmes at all levels of the Higher education system.

UTAMU seeks and creates opportunities in technology and management sciences through innovative research, partnerships, students and alumni engagement. It is the only university in Uganda that has successfully infused the teaching and learning processes with appropriate information and communications technologies. UTAMU uses ‘blended learning’ techniques: An education program that combines online digital media with traditional classroom methods and independent study to implement learning. All UTAMU academic programmes are fully developed as e-learning programmes. All teaching, learning and assessment are done through the online e-learning platform for both campus and distance students. The academic programmes are designed to be always evolving to meet market needs and the emphasis of each curriculum is on critical thinking, creativity problem-solving, communications, collaboration and leadership.

UTAMU offers students a unique and exceptional educational opportunity through a multi-sector approach, quality education and innovative research in emerging fields of technology and management sciences. UTAMU’s performance and reputation is as excellent as its staff, students, researchers and alumni. I invite you to explore our website -as we fulfil our motto - "For an Open Mind"

Our Vision, Mission and Core Functions


To be a global educational institution in Management, Science, Technology and Innovation


To provide global quality Education, Research and Innovation critical to economic and human development

Core Functions:

The core functions of UTAMU are student centered teaching and learning, development-oriented research, innovations and business incubation, and community engagement.

Our Core Values

UTAMU is mindful of its strategic future plans and the historic perspective of education in a world that emphasizes nurturing  scientists, technologists and innovators who can transform and create new knowledge. Therefore the values of Uganda Technology and Management University are:
Professionalism: making sure that staff and students conduct themselves with the highest ethical standards and taking responsibility of all their actions
Creativity: committing to stimulating the culture of scientific and technological advancement, innovation and practical enrichment to our stakeholders through a rich and flexible educational experience
Integrity: adhering to ethical and moral principles in all the educational, research and innovation processes
Transparency: seeking to provide accountability and value for money to the University's stakeholders
Empowerment: offering unsurpassed practical opportunities to the University's stakeholders through industry oriented collaborations, research engagements and incubation clusters in order to transform the educational environment
Community Engagement: working with the community to solve the real world problems as a focal point towards economic development

Our Philosophy

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Our Graduates

Uganda Technology and Management University (UTAMU) Motto is 'For an Open Mind'. During the course of their studies, we open our students to a world of challenges and opportunities and convert them into lifelong learners. Our core goal is to meet the needs of all qualifying students including working and underserved students by giving them a chance to earn a University degree or diploma.

Flexible scheduling; effective curriculum design; online learning and lecturing staff comprising of academic, research and practice staff makes quality higher education accessible to everyone. UTAMU strives for equal opportunities and therefore treats all students the same irrespective of their nationality.

Through the well-articulated values of Professionalism, Creativity, Integrity, Transparency, Empowerment and Community Engagement, UTAMU anticipates to scholarly practice teaching methodologies that will produce graduates who are job creators, innovators and entrepreneurs.

Our Accessibility to Higher Education

We require each student to take what he/she has learned and put it to good use. Thus, in addition to fulfilling the minimum admission requirements set by the National Council for Higher Education and the University admission requirements we ask that each student be employed or have access to a working environment where he/she can apply the theories and methods learnt in either class or online.

UTAMU will continue to explore all opportunities that engage both national and international students in the same equal opportunities.

Tuition fees and functional fees are uniform for students on a given academic programme irrespective of where they come from and we also adhere to international standards of people with disability and cultural norms.

Flexible Scheduling

We offer flexible triannual class schedules and students can begin class in January, May and September of every year. A prospective student can apply at any time of the year and have his/her application considered for admission.

Practitioner Staff

We bridge the gap between theory and practice by hiring teaching staff members who bring more than an advanced degree to the classroom. We engage practice staff from the rank of Practice Lecturer to Practice Professor who are working professionals outside the University environment and who are encouraged to stay involved in academic and scholarly activities.

Curriculum Development

Our diploma and degree programmes are designed and periodically reviewed to provide a quality education based on relevant and effective learning. Our School Deans, Heads of Academic Departments and select staff members including Practitioner Staff collaborate to create each programme based on specific objectives for desired student outcomes.


Our focus on reaching out to the community is specifically knowledge formation, acquisition and transfer that proactively allow societal and public participation.

Our partnerships and networking community plays key functions that contribute to the knowledge economy. UTAMU educational experience focuses on building national and international engagements that integrate private and public sectors, government, and funding bodies in order to achieve the scholarly practice.

Online Resourses

Bugolobi Campus

Plot 2 Erisa Rd, Kiswa Bugolobi Kampala;
P.O Box 73307 Kampala Uganda
+256-702-646-093, +256-750-599-736, +256-780-249-942

Kungu Campus

Plot 8374 Block 82 Kyadondo, Kungu, Gombe, Nansana, Wakiso;
P.O Box 73307 Kampala Uganda
+256-702-646-093, +256-750-599-736, +256-780-249-942