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Postgraduate Diploma in Oil Governance & Management

The programme has been carefully designed to produce a crop of top managers and leaders with a wide range of knowledge, skills and competencies to steer the Oil & Gas sector.

Career Options

It offers a sound knowledge of oil and gas governance, management and effective administration and explores its significance to social, political, economic, cultural and technological aspects. Graduates obtain self-confidence and the ability to present efficient, logical answers to complex governance and management problems facing the oil and gas industry.

It offers exciting career opportunities in areas of production, reservoir, facilities, transportation, drilling, economics and management.

Admission Requirements

Applicants to the postgraduate diploma in Oil governance and Management must be;

  • Holders of a Bachelor’s Degree from an institution of higher learning recognized by NCHE in any area of study.
  • Holders of a professional qualification deemed to be equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized professional body.

Duration of the Program

The program will extend over a period of one academic year. An academic year shall consist of two semesters and one recess term. A semester shall consist of 15 weeks of lectures. A recess term shall consist of 10 weeks.

Programme Options

Year One, Semester One (6 cores)
Course Code Course name LH PH TH CH CU
OG 500 Foundations ofOil & Gas Industry 30 30 - 45 3
OG 501 Oil & Gas Governance Frameworks 30 30 - 45 3
HR 500 Human Resource Management Theory & Practice 30 - 30 45 3
PA 500 Society, Government & Politics in Africa 30 - 30 45 3
PA 502 Public Financial Management 60 - 30 45 3
TM 500 Research Methods 30 - 30 45 3
Year One, Semester Two (5 cores)
Course Code Course name LH PH TH CH CU
OG 502 Oil and Gas Supply Chain Management 30 - 30 45 3
OG 503 Comparative management of oil & gas 30 - 30 45 3
OG 504 ICT Application in Oil & Gas Management 30 30 - 45 3
PM 502 Infrastructure Planning & Management 30 - 30 45 3
PA 501 Public Policy  Design & Management 30 - 30 45 3
PA 503 Corporate Governance & Decision Making 30 - 30 45 3
  Semester load         18

Fees per semester

Fees per semester Functional Fees Application Fees
1,500,000 UGX 300,000 UGX 50,000 UGX

International students pay international student tuition fees which is rated in dollars and this specifically covers only the cost of teaching and many student support services. This tuition below is per academic session and includes both the tuition and functional fees.

Category of Programme Fees per academic session (USD) Application / Admission Fee
Master's Degree $950 $30

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