Mersian Tulyahebwa
Mersian TulyahebwaAg. Dean School of Education, Technical & Vocational Education

Mersian Tulyahebwa is the acting Dean School of Education, Technical & Vocational Education at Uganda Technology And Management University.

Mr. Tulyahebwa strongly believes that education in science and technology is one of the most essential nutrients to individual success and constructiveness and offers a greater contribution to society today. It is the key to unlocking the hidden potentials especially in these times of transformation towards an urgent need to eliminate the global divide and to stay abreast with technological developments.

An educationist with experience of 19 years, Mr. Tulyahebwa has served in critical positions as Director of Studies, Deputy Principal and currently as the Academic Registrar at UTAMU. His knowledge and expertise in training and consultancy in Management and Financial Literacy, Business Strategy, Corporate Culture, Project Planning and Execution Skills among others have brought a wide range of knowledge to UTAMU.